7 Female Role Models in the Quran and Sunnah

A stained glass window with 7 flower-like arabesque patterns.

A Queen. A powerful business woman. A scholar.

These titles aren’t what you would expect to hear when you hear the phrase “Muslim woman”. However, the Islamic faith is rife with examples of women who defied the conventions of their time, and were praised for it. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told us about 4 women in history who had perfected their faith, and were guaranteed Paradise, and among them were:

  • a single mother
  • a woman who defied her husband
  • a businesswoman
  • a daughter who was forced to grow up too soon

If you’re a Muslim, you’ve probably heard names like Mariam, Asiyah, Khadijah, Fatima, Aishah, Bilqist. But sometimes we get wrapped up in the history of these great figures and forget to see the very human side of these great women. Continue reading “7 Female Role Models in the Quran and Sunnah”

In Her Own Scarf: Identity Beneath the Veil

woman walking down street with hijab

A month ago, I interviewed four Muslim women about the hijab and why they chose to wear it. Each one told a unique and fascinating story about how they came to wear the hijab, and what it meant to them. To these women, the hijab is not something to hide behind, but rather an outward expression of identity, faith and dignity.

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