Biking Without Pedals: Memories of John and ALS

A man sitting on the beach with a large, black and brown dog.
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It’s ironic to consider that I work for the provincial government—an organization well known for its love of acronyms—and yet the one acronym that impacted my life the most was one that I was uninformed of: ALS.

When I started working for the government, my co-worker, John, was working with me. When he spoke, it was very slow with a low, almost monotone sound. My first impression was that he must have had a stroke at some point, which can affect one’s speech patterns. It turns out it was a different beast altogether: ALS. Continue reading “Biking Without Pedals: Memories of John and ALS”

Keep Planting Trees


Growing up, I was afraid of many things. They ranged from the common (ghosts, aliens, vampires) to the absurd (permanent markers, those chlorine tablet holders that float in the hottubs). But the one thing that frightened me the most, and haunted me throughout most of my life, was the end of the world.

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