“What’s Medina like?” (The Hajj Journal)

Open roof prayer space in Masjid Nabawi

I know my entries focus a lot on the spiritual side of my time in the holy cities, but that’s not to say my day-to-day life outside of worship was just more worship. The question most people want to know—no matter where you travel to in the world—is “What’s [insert country] like?”. It’s in our nature to be curious, and when we meet others who have seen parts of the world we’ve only imagined, our curiosity is immediately piqued. To satisfy your curiosity, I’m including these entries that describe the day-to-day life in the places I visited. Continue reading ““What’s Medina like?” (The Hajj Journal)”

The Beauty of Food – Part 2

“Life’s too short to eat crappy food.”

Those words, courtesy of my co-worker, have become my mantra when it comes to cooking.

A few weeks back I wrote about how I love food. Now I’ll tell you how I came to love food. Continue reading “The Beauty of Food – Part 2”

The Beauty of Food – Part 1

Food is beautiful—and I’m not just saying that because it’s Ramadan and I’m fasting. I’m saying that because I’m passionate about food. Food is more than something you eat. Good food can heal wounds and disperse dark clouds. It can unleash our inner creativity, spark our imagination and help us live better lives. And, of course, it can taste amazing. Continue reading “The Beauty of Food – Part 1”