Bowling Night

A boy throwing a bowling ball down the lane

My brother has autism, loves to drink pop and loves to bowl.

Thursday night is bowling night. The lanes used to be run out of a full, warehouse-sized bowling hall. For most of its life it retained a musty, 1980s air to it, with faux wood paneling, yellowy carpet and blitzy arcade. There were even table-top arcade cabinets of Pac-Man and Dig Dug.

It recently, however, moved into a leased space of a former bingo hall. From 16 lanes down to 6. There’s barely enough room to move. Continue reading “Bowling Night”


Featured Writing Update: Death of a Superhero

Death of a Superhero

He found it ironic that he was invulnerable to bullets, could bend trains in half, but was now dying of cancer.”
Death of a Superhero

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About this piece:

Today we’re more accustomed to seeing the vulnerable, flawed side of superheroes, rather than the boy scout bastions of virtue they were originally meant to be. I wrote this piece wondering what a superhero would think and feel as they succumbed to that most tragic of human diseases: cancer. What would they regret? What would they think about? I never got to finish the piece, and this is just a small excerpt from it, but re-visiting it makes me realize that perhaps there’s something worth saving here.