The Changebeast

Destroyed room

The calendar just rolled over into 2016, and with it comes a smattering of top 10 lists, New Year’s resolutions, and top 10 lists of New Year’s resolutions. But no matter what it is, a new year always means the same thing: change.

When we look back at the year that passed, we’ll see some form of change in our lives. It may not always be good change, either. It may be bad change, minor change, necessary change, the list goes on. But who we are today is different than who we were a year ago. And who we’ll be in a year will be different than who we are today. All of this can be traced to the changes that happen in our lives.

But here’s the obvious thing: change is frightening.

Sometimes, change is a looming cluster of ominous clouds in the distance, and you can’t tell if they’re going to bring nourishing rain or calamitous thunder. But more often than not, change is a big dumb animal that comes crashing into your house, messes up your stuff, then tosses on a pair of shades, says “deal with it”, and leaves—but not before taking a dump on your carpet.

So here you are, cursing the Changebeast for coming in and wrecking your life and ruining your favourite carpet (it really tied the room together). But as you start to pick up the pieces, you start to realize that a lot of these broken things either weren’t necessary to begin with, or you were just using them in the wrong way. As you rebuild, you start to realize just how much cleaner your house is. You start to realize just how much you worried about cleaning and maintaining all these different furnishings and decorations.

When all is said and done and you’ve cleaned up your life, you realize that, in fact, the visit from the Changebeast was for the better. You might even thank it. But here’s the thing: you get comfortable thinking that it’ll never come back. You think your house is just fine the way it is, thank you very much, and that new carpet… man, that new carpet is just something else.

But in your heart, you know that it’ll come back.

Inevitably, the Changebeast is going to visit us all in some shape or form this year. Maybe it’ll be gentle, just knocking over a few plates and cups you forgot you had anyway. Maybe it’ll be in full-rampage mode.

Whatever the new year brings, I hope that the Changebeast will go easy on you this year.

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