Chapel Hill, Islamophobia and The Future

A man lighting candles at a vigil

It’s a sad fact that sometimes it takes death for us to spur on change. So for the Muslim students murdered in Chapel Hill—for Deah, Yusor and Razan—your deaths have not been in vain.

They were murdered execution style in their home, and if mainstream media is to be believe, it was over a parking dispute. I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that the killer was abrasively atheistic, but one’s personal beliefs shouldn’t factor into their motives, should it? I mean, if it was one zealous Muslim shooter killing three atheists the story wouldn’t be any different, right?

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Bowling Night

A boy throwing a bowling ball down the lane

My brother has autism, loves to drink pop and loves to bowl.

Thursday night is bowling night. The lanes used to be run out of a full, warehouse-sized bowling hall. For most of its life it retained a musty, 1980s air to it, with faux wood paneling, yellowy carpet and blitzy arcade. There were even table-top arcade cabinets of Pac-Man and Dig Dug.

It recently, however, moved into a leased space of a former bingo hall. From 16 lanes down to 6. There’s barely enough room to move. Continue reading “Bowling Night”