Homeward Bound

Skyline of Edmonton
Edmonton, any time between September and April

“Where you are was circled on a map for you.” (Rumi)

Two weeks in a strange land, with strange customs, strange currency and strange landscapes. I may not have traveled across the globe to China or Bangladesh or deepest darkest Peru, but the two weeks I spent traveling through California with three friends was the closest I’ve come to being in another world. Despite being Canada’s neighbor, everything about it felt so different, strange and exciting. But in spite of all that, I eventually found that the place I looked forward to most was home. Continue reading “Homeward Bound”

The Fault Line: Fallout from Charlie Hebdo

I think an intro about the Charlie Hebdo is pretty moot at this point. The attack of Muslim extremists on the French satirical paper has rattled the world, and has dragged the topic of Freedom of Speech kicking and screaming out into the daylight. But the real fallout here will be on how this affects Muslims in Europe and around the world. Continue reading “The Fault Line: Fallout from Charlie Hebdo”

42 Things I Learned in America

I just came back from a two-week road trip through the good old U-S-of-A. I went with three friends, and we traveled through Washington, spent most of the time in California, then went back north through Utah, Idaho and Montana. During our journey I kept track of little things I noticed; whether they’re wisdoms or not is entirely up to you to decide.

Man standing next to Golden Gate Bridge
Me standing on a very nice cobblestone wall, with some famous bridge or something in the background.

Continue reading “42 Things I Learned in America”